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Merlin's Beast Hunt - EN
Gamintojas: Wizkids Prekės modelis: Merlin's Beast Hunt - EN
Most know of the tournaments of knights hosted by Arthur, but only a few know of Merlin's "Beast Hunt" tournament!In the tournament held on a remote isle, mages use magical seeds and their own sorcery to create fences of natural elements to enclose and capture various beasts. As one of the competing..
Waddle Board Game Waddle Board Game
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Gamintojas: Wizkids Prekės modelis: WIZ87530
In this new strategy game from Raph Koster and Isaac Shalev, players share the same group of penguins, but score based on how their carefully chosen cards match where they've managed to get the penguins to wind up. Each turn you'll select a score card with a goal like locations with an even number o..
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