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Wargames Atlantic

Gamintojas: Wargames Atlantic Prekės modelis: WAACF002
Classic Fantasy is our range of 28mm hard plastic sets covering the Classic Fantasy tropes of literature and role playing games. Sets in this range should appeal to both RPG players and tabletop wargamers. Scattered throughout the kingdoms of Men are several halfling communities. Primarily people ..
Gamintojas: Wargames Atlantic Prekės modelis: WAACF005
TRIKING FROM THEIR JUNGLE LAIR? The lizard tribes rarely venture forth from their steaming jungle kingdoms, but when they do they are a force to be reckoned with! Fighting with weapon, tooth, and claw they harass the folk of the free kingdoms and have even allied with the goblin war hosts to batt..
Gamintojas: Wargames Atlantic Prekės modelis: WAADF003
Abducted from their longship on the return voyage from a raid on Wessex, these Norsemen?s new owner settled them on a high gravity world and began their training for the Death Fields circuit. After each battle as wounds miraculously healed and even the dead were brought back to life, the warriors th..
Gamintojas: Wargames Atlantic Prekės modelis: WAADF004
This star team of the Death Fields circuit brings it?s A game to every match with their battle cry: ?Vive la France!? When the rules of the games allow they are able to field heavy support weapons and specialists to give them the edge that will mean the difference between sweet victoire or shameful ..
Gamintojas: Wargames Atlantic Prekės modelis: WAAGW002
?They Shall Not Pass!? the French battlecry adopted after Verdun. This hard plastic set allows you to build up to 35 French infantry equipped for either World War One or World War Two (with enough of each type of rifle and heads for all figures in the box). You can also build the famed Harlem ..
Gamintojas: Wargames Atlantic Prekės modelis: WAALR001
?In this sign, conquer?. The legions underwent significant expansion and changes through Diocletian and Constantine?s reforms but by the late 6th century would become almost unrecognizable. Still, the legionaries fought across the whole of the Roman world against Pict and Irish raiders in Britannia,..
Gamintojas: Wargames Atlantic Prekės modelis: WAANW002
The famous Riflemen of the British army fought from Spain to the final shots of La Haye Sainte on the field of Waterloo. Fighting in pairs and able to accurately aim and fire up to two shots per minute, Wellington?s Rifles were an instrumental factor in Napoleon?s defeat. This hard plastic box se..
Gamintojas: Wargames Atlantic Prekės modelis: WAANW003
An Army Builder is designed to let you build the bulk of your forces with a minimal amount of assembly and for a great value. Less parts to stick together and there is also no command included and you will have to source command from another manufacturer in either metal or plastic. This gives you th..
Gamintojas: Wargames Atlantic Prekės modelis: WAAWA001
VIVE LA FRANCE! 1940. France is occupied by the Germans and the Vichy government does Hitler?s bidding. In the cities and throughout the countryside, brave bands of French men and women work together to slow the Nazi war machine. Air drops of supplies, weapons, and communication gear by Allied fo..
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