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Gamintojas: V-Games Prekės modelis: 00.0383
A highly addictive and adventurous game that requires ingenuity and strategic skills. Beware of the spinning traps of the Maze and your opponents! They might take the treasure from you and win the game! A constantly changing game due to the spinning mechanism and the numerous cards, which provide un..
Gamintojas: V-Games Prekės modelis: 03.0024
TRANGLAR is an abstract strategy game for 2 players with various, multi-shaped, colored pieces that players are placing onto the board. It is a straightforward yet intelligent game, created to challenge both new and experienced gamers. All the pieces of the game are made up of triangles. Each pla..
Gamintojas: V-Games Prekės modelis: 03.0016
In Twinkle, the boundless universe comes to your table as you construct your own constellation. Having the role of a stellar creator, your task is to decorate the night sky using colorful dice as stars and to win the competition among other creators who share the same goal. Choose your star-dice car..
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