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Gamintojas: Upper Deck Prekės modelis: UD94725
The enigmatic Quest Masters of Arbandy leftmany mysterious quests in their wake but the most coveted of all is an unrivaled treasure known as the Questar. Tavern tales and oracles of old have said that mortal artistry pales in comparison to the Questar's beauty.Now competing parties of adventurers h..
Gamintojas: Upper Deck Prekės modelis: UD83136
The Marvel Legendary Fear Itself Small Box is the first expansion to the highly successful Legendary Villains deck building game! You can play through the storyline with 6 new allies, 1 new adversary group, 1 new commander and 3 new plots. Players can work both with and against other players to defe..
Gamintojas: Upper Deck Prekės modelis: UD93963
In this final Issue of 2019, Crossover Vol.2 expands on 8 existing teams (Champions, Inhumans, S.H.I.E.L.D., Hydra, Brotherhood of Mutants, Spider-Friends, Resistance, H.A.M.M.E.R.) Face characters from across the Spider-Verse, the power of the Elders of the Universe, and the devious tactics of Mast..
Gamintojas: Upper Deck Prekės modelis: UD95145
This year-closing, annual issue of Vs. System? 2PCG? is full of new play modes, mechanics and characters making sure your game will never be the same! Fight your way across the Battleworld with all new terrain that will put your skills to the test and make your deck the best. The Battleworld has ..
Gamintojas: Upper Deck Prekės modelis: UD94386
What happens when you give control of your deck to a band of ?reformed? ruffians? The shapeshifting Mystique leads her version of the evil Brotherhood of Mutants with a cast of characters who will create law and order by any means necessary. Build your deck with the power of questionable tactics tha..
Gamintojas: Upper Deck Prekės modelis: UD93982
In this new story arc, The Verse, expands on the popular characters and teams within the Spider-Man universe. This Friendly Neighborhood issue brings Spider-Man Homecoming and Spider-Man Far From Home films into Vs. System? 2PCG?. Not only does this set have the MCU web head, but also his adversarie..
Gamintojas: Upper Deck Prekės modelis: UD94384
Futures Past is the 1st issue of the Omega Level story arc. It expands on the ever popular roster of heroes and villains from the X-Men family of characters. This issue is a tragic reminder that there?s just no stopping the mutant-hunting robotic Sentinels, as they scour the globe, intent on decimat..
Gamintojas: Upper Deck Prekės modelis: UD95319
An all-new volume of Vs.System? 2PCG? kicks off with a polarizing story arc blending the forces of good and evil. First up are the true masters of evil - a dastardly collection of the mostnefarious villains, banded together with a new team affiliation. This set will introduce Baron Heinrich Zemo, Ra..
Gamintojas: Upper Deck Prekės modelis: UD93997
The last issue of the First Family story arc, The Frightful, includes a dastardly list of evil doers that have crossed paths with the Fantastic Four. Such a list would not be complete without the insatiable Devourer of Worlds and master of Heralds, Galactus. Add the time-traveling tyrant Kang the C..
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