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Secrets are like poison. They infect everything around them, weaken the resolve of the strong, bending the will of the unbendable. They change you, recasting who you are into what you never wanted to be, unleashing the beast in ways no one desires. All you wanted was a break from the road, a few day..
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For generations the Kings of the small realm of Inallu have held the Sword of Rami as a symbol of their people. It is brought forth only when a new King is crowned. But the unthinkable has happened. While transporting the sword through the Fushdam Bottoms, a group of stalwart heroes were ambushed by..
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Designed for play with the 5th Edition of the worlds most popular RPG! Traveling to the far reaches of the Barren Wood is perilous in the best of times, and these are not the best of times. Here, in the forest's western eves, the trees are old, with tangled roots deep in the ground. Here too, the..
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Writers, game designers, teachers, and students ~ this is the dictionary you?ve been waiting for! Like no other dictionary the Storyteller?s Dictionary breaks down and defines the words you need by subject matter. In this volume, you?ll find a host of useful words...
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