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Gamintojas: TinkerHouse Prekės modelis: TT-IND-RED
Contains: ? 1x Large Platforms ? 2x Medium ? 2x Small Platforms ? 8x Tall Legs ? 16x Short Legs ? 4x Leg Extenders ? 12x Double Feet ? 8x Single Feet ? 2x Tall Stairs ? 3x Short Stairs ? 5x Small Crates ? 1x Wide Tall Barricade ? 1x Medium Tall Barricade ? 1x Narrow Tall Barricades ? ..
Gamintojas: TinkerHouse Prekės modelis: TT-IND-STI
The perfect start to building your battlefield and exploring the possibilities of TinkerTurf? Sci-Fi Terrain. This set includes a bit of everything. Each TinkerTurf? terrain piece is easily assembled from pre-printed, full color, 2mm dense black game board. With just common white glue and a short..
Gamintojas: TinkerHouse Prekės modelis: TT-MRC-ABN
TinkerTurf is a new terrain product designed to give you an affordable, easily assembled battlefield of polished, professional looking structures and terrain features. The pieces are beautifully pre-printed and die-cut premium 2.0mm board that is easy to assemble and place on your tabletop in no ..
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