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The election of the Aztec High Priest is imminent. In order to prove their value and merit, the contenders engage in a race for prestige to win the favor of the gods. Will you be able to make the most beautiful sculptures of feathered snakes (called C?atl) to stand out and gain access to the coveted..
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C?atl is a game that has an amazing table presence and is both pleasant to play and easy to learn. This demo kit is designed to provide players with an amazing gaming experience while remaining extremely easy to set up and explain. Every part of it has been specially created so that players can..
Gamintojas: Synapses Games Prekės modelis: COA04ML
The C?atl promo deck is compatible with the C?atl base game. The promo deck contains exclusive new patterns and new types of objectives. The promo deck provides amazing added value to the C?atl base game. It is designed to be given away at demo events...
Gamintojas: Synapses Games Prekės modelis: CRZ01ENFR
In Crazy Tower, players work together to get rid of their blocks and build a safe, stable structure. All of them, except for one that is. One player takes on the role of the Traitor, looking to deviously make a building that will collapse on another player?s turn. Will they succeed, or will the Towe..
Draw the Line - EN
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Each team has a sketcher and a guesser. With a pencil, the sketcher must draw a mystery word by connecting icons on his easel. Then, by making sounds and gestures to his teammate, he must have the guesser sketch the drawing by making him connect the icons that he acts and noises. You must act quickl..
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Create a fortune by being the best Dragon Breeder in the land! Players acquire Dragon Eggs, placing them in their Incubators and hatching them using Water Drops and Fire. Once out of their shell, the Dragons are exchanged on the market to gain Treasures and complete Objectives for victory points. Th..
Gamintojas: Synapses Games Prekės modelis: MAT01EN
In MATCH 5, all you need to do is find a common link between 2 words or groups of words. You have 3 minutes to use your imagination to come up with links for each of the 10 dice combinations. Thousands of possible combinations!..
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