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Gamintojas: Sylex Prekės modelis: DS-CB-EN
Dreamscape is a unique ?dream building? game. Incarnate a dreamer collecting dreamshards in mysterious locations such as the lair of the Clockwork Golem. Create dreamscapes with these shards, stroll along paths, climb mountains, and pass through waterfalls. A game of Dreamscape is played in five rou..
Gamintojas: Sylex Prekės modelis: DS-DC-EN
Your dreams host every kind of inhabitants most of the time discreet. You could meet one at any time, hiding in the bend of a path. And you would be surprised to discover that those tiny creatures don?t ask much to follow you. Sometimes clever, sometimes playful, and all different, this Dream Cre..
Gamintojas: Sylex Prekės modelis: DS-WAS-EN
Cradled by the gentle pulsing warmth of a fireplace, your thoughts wander back to sunny winter afternoons invigoranting cold, the snow crunching under your feet, the snowballs flying and the big, round snowmen. The snow invited itself into your musings, so whether it is to stack it up to and form..
Gamintojas: Sylex Prekės modelis: DS-WOW-EN
Night after night, roaming your Dreamscape, you end up believing it holds no secret for you anymore. But when you see for the first time the eyes of a Wisp, you immediately understand how wrong you were. You remember some tales of the ancients, mentioning those tiny creatures waiting for a kind soul..
Gamintojas: Sylex Prekės modelis: R&J-CB-FR
One player plays Romeo, the other Juliet. Deeply in love with each other, they will have to try to find each other again to live their love beyond the hatred between their families. To win, the players will have to carry their love gauge to its maximum. On the contrary, players will immediately lo..
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