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Gamintojas: Studio 9 Games Prekės modelis: S9G10020
Quests for Antiracism* can expand CHARMS: A Game of Insight. Players ask questions, roll and interpret inspiring game pieces, and try to discover the most amazing insights toward antiracism. *Or the game's questions can be used for dialogue, reflection, or writing prompts on your own or with any siz..
Gamintojas: Studio 9 Games Prekės modelis: S9G10021
A 28-page stand-alone RPG adventure built for DCC or MCC RPG?but usable in any system. This is a 1st/2nd level sandbox style adventure. The ultimate futuristic vacation theme park was equipped with a temporal field. After weeks (or months) at the resort, you could re-enter your life the moment you l..
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