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Gamintojas: Stronghold Games Prekės modelis: SG2015
The world has been hit with mega earthquakes. The worst destruction devastated the San Francisco Bay area. It is a time of rebuilding to restore this area to its former glory. Aftershock: San Francisco & Venice is an area control game. Players will spend money to acquire cards, which are used to ..
Clever Cubed - EN
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Gamintojas: Stronghold Games Prekės modelis: SGSSCC1
Clever Cubed comes with all new challenges, all new decisions, and all new twists that will have to be navigated in order to maximize your score! In this installment, timing is everything. Even the order in which you take your dice can change your results! So stay sharp, choose your dice carefully, ..
Dragon & Flagon The Brew that is True - EN
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Gamintojas: Stronghold Games Prekės modelis: SGDFE1
Dragon and Flagon is a chaotic, fantasy tavern brawl where adventurers of all kinds battle their way to glory in the bar fight to end all bar fights. Each character has their own set of abilities that they can program into their action queue to help them come out of the battle with a glowing reputat..
Gamintojas: Stronghold Games Prekės modelis: 2016SG
Egizia: Shifting Sands is an updated version of the beloved strategy game Egizia. Players travel down the Nile, placing boats as they go, to collect resources that will help them construct some of Egypt?s most famous monuments. With new monuments to build, new cards to collect, and a constantly shif..
Gamintojas: Stronghold Games Prekės modelis: SG6030
You are sloths ? cuddly, lazy, and, oh well, slothful. All animals (including humans) like to take vacations, so everyone is together at a country resort. We sloths are sitting around, of course, while all the other animals are running throughout the resort. We want to look around, too, and trave..
Gamintojas: Stronghold Games Prekės modelis: 6025SG
Choose your dice cleverly in Ganz Sch?n Clever, marking them in the matching colored areas on your Score sheet, putting together tricky chain scoring opportunities, and racking up the points! The dice you don?t use are as important as those you do, because every die that has a lower value tha..
Gamintojas: Stronghold Games Prekės modelis: SGSLM01
Travel in your hot air balloon and discover the terrain below. Make use of the local winds skillfully to save the precious energy you need to speed up or slow down. Travel against the wind when you must to attain the end you have in view. Players explore the terrain surrounding their balloon by p..
Gamintojas: Stronghold Games Prekės modelis: SG6009
In the 25th century, an intergalactic expedition becomes shipwrecked on the mysterious planet of Artemia. While waiting for the rescue ship, you begin to explore the planet, but an alien entity picks up your scent and begins to hunt you. You are... NOT ALONE... NOT ALONE is an asymmetrical card ..
Gamintojas: Stronghold Games Prekės modelis: SGNAS2020
You are not alone? And you are not the first to explore Artemia! Rescue the other crash survivors. Fortify the city of Sanctuary. Hide from a constantly evolving Creature. SANCTUARY offers the Hunted a new path to victory through the Sanctuary board and token. Players can fortify the city of Sanc..
Gamintojas: Stronghold Games Prekės modelis: SG6032
Ripple Rush is a flip and write game. You draw a card with a number and a color on it. You then write the number in the column of the same color on your sheet. If you draw a number that you cannot place, each other player can write the number on their sheet. When you complete a row, you get to ..
Gamintojas: Stronghold Games Prekės modelis: 3005SG
Survive: Dolphins & Squids & 5-6 Players...Oh My! is a collection of three mini-expansions for Survive: Escape from Atlantis! that were previously available separately. These mini-expansions can be used individually or in combination with the base game. These expansions are: Dolphins and Dive Di..
Gamintojas: Stronghold Games Prekės modelis: SGTMCG1
In the not so distant future, mankind has finally decided to spread beyond the boundaries of our world. The United Nations is giving out subsidies to any corporation who will invest time and money into the terraforming of the great red planet. Great prestige and opportunities await the company wh..
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