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Gamintojas: SlugFest Games Prekės modelis: SFG038
You are a dungeon decorator who arranges cozy underground spaces with just the right ?lair-y? feel for your clients. You'll compete to build the best dungeon with all the right accoutrements, so that your villainous clients can move in and feel at home...
Gamintojas: SlugFest Games Prekės modelis: SFG015
Natyli is a impulsive young troll who likes to make dolls of her friends and the monsters that she comes across in the dungeons. These aren't normal dolls, though. They are magical, and she can use them to affect whomever the doll looks like, for good or ill. After foolishly using her dolls to prank..
Gamintojas: SlugFest Games Prekės modelis: SFG032
This expansion has a little something for everyone who loves The Red Dragon Inn! Roxana, Adventurous Chef She?s the head chef at The Red Dragon Inn, and she is no stranger to experimentation in the kitchen, preparing such ambitious dishes as Spatchcocked Cockatrice and Fire Salamander Flamb?! As Ro..
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