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Quined Games

Gamintojas: Quined Games Prekės modelis: CCCG
You and your opponents try to choose the most lucrative parcels of land and buildings. You can also win the support and gain the help of the most influential people in the city. However, you should not ignore your opponents, as they will try to make the best moves in your stead! Rulebooks in: Dut..
Gamintojas: Quined Games Prekės modelis: CHI
After the great Chicago Fire of 1871, the brave men and women of Chicago sought to rebuild their once-great city, and rebuild it they did. Over the next 60 years Chicago experienced an economic golden age, making such great progress that it hosted The World?s Columbian Exposition in 1893, followed n..
Gamintojas: Quined Games Prekės modelis: SPR
Jackhammers chattering, trucks beeping, engines roaring, the sounds of construction are everywhere. Sprawlopolis is growing and YOU are in charge of it all. The last team of planners couldn?t cut it, so the city turned to your team, the best of the best. If anyone can turn this tiny town into a thri..
Gamintojas: Quined Games Prekės modelis: TER
Terramara is the name of the villages founded around 1500 B.C., mid- to late Bronze Age, in Northern Italy. People lived, travelled and traded between the Alps mountain range and the river Po. The main occupations of Terramara people were hunting, farming and metallurgie, casting bronze tools like a..
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