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Quick Simple Fun

Gamintojas: Quick Simple Fun Prekės modelis: 177654QSF
Breathe deeply? Let the whisper of thought come to your ear? Harmonize your chakras and let go so that the negative energies will disappear. Meditate on your strategy and let your feelings guide you towards victory! In Chakra, each player has a board that shows the seven chakras they must fill wi..
Gamintojas: Quick Simple Fun Prekės modelis: 177655QSF
Where will your muse guide you? Lead your teammates to inspiration using cryptic clues and surreal imagery in Muse, a beautiful party game with over one hundred fully-illustrated cards. Play cooperatively at lower player counts, or divide into teams for competitive play with four or more at th..
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In Ore: The Mining Game, players assume the roles of clever industrialists competing for fame and fortune. Ore takes place during the industrial revolution, and aims to simulate the complexities of effective supply chain management. Players take turns carefully placing their workers on one of sev..
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Squirrelin' Around is a Dexterity and Set Collection game. In Squirreling' Around you play as Jan, Kris, Xo, or Ryann - four forest pals who want to collect the best sets of nuts and berries. On their turn players will place down a card, which will feature a berry or acorn on all four sides. T..
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