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Gamintojas: Q-Workshop Prekės modelis: QWSSARC1E
Q WORKSHOP proudly introduces Arcade Dice Set - tribute to the times when boys and girls on sturdy bikes started delving into dungeons and defeating dragons. This set is an accolade to the decade when it has all began and was fresh as new. There are the same might and magic in this set as in adventu..
Gamintojas: Q-Workshop Prekės modelis: WUKI03
Operation Battle Dice" is ready, General. Launch code for the operation is "Engraved dice". Response code "Paint that won't wear off." The troops are waiting at your command. Just use the launch code and let the dice roll!"..
Gamintojas: Q-Workshop Prekės modelis: SCTR21
Official Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition dice set by Q-Workshop contains 7 polyhedral unusual dice, that will add special atmosphere to your gaming sessions...
Gamintojas: Q-Workshop Prekės modelis: SCTR3P
Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Black & magenta Dice Set..
Gamintojas: Q-Workshop Prekės modelis: SCTH3F
Call of Cthulhu Abyssal & white Dice Set..
Gamintojas: Q-Workshop Prekės modelis: BCTH101
A variety of bags, prepared especially for your dice. Whether you are a fan of zombies, elves or battle games, we have something for you!..
Gamintojas: Q-Workshop Prekės modelis: SCTH18
Imagine yourself, swimming in a deep ocean during the night. The sea is cold and strangely calm... Suddenly, you see inhuman green shapes moving towards you! Just when you think that those unspeakable sea horrors got you ... you wake up. A set of black-green dice lies at your table ? and you are sur..
Gamintojas: Q-Workshop Prekės modelis: BCTH104
Everyone seems to think that a dice bag is just a purse. A bag with a string that allows the dice not to fly loose in a backpack. However, this ordinary object is the basic cover of your beloved sets. It's a cloth armor for all these happy polyhedral dice that help players defeat the dragon, cast a ..
Gamintojas: Q-Workshop Prekės modelis: SCTH19
In fables, the seventh son of the seventh son usually has great power and the ability to overcome all obstacles. He is born to be the hero and victorious in all struggles. Q WORKSHOP created a set of seven dice suited for all seven editions of the great game Call of Cthulhu from Chaosium, one of the..
Gamintojas: Q-Workshop Prekės modelis: BCTH103
It is said that the person who analyzed this black material the bag is made of disapeared. All that was found were some notes mentioning some long gone civilization and that the sign on the bag would protect all the items inside.Who knows what secrets or knowledge it holds?..
Gamintojas: Q-Workshop Prekės modelis: CCTH104
The only certain fact is that this cup is made of leather. It has never been determined what creature?s skin is it in particular. Those who wanted to gain that blasphemous knowledge went deeper, deeper and deeper. It does not even matter if they found the answer, as they never come back...
Gamintojas: Q-Workshop Prekės modelis: QWSTCTH102
An exceptional Call Of Cthulhu Dice Tower (7), that could be created as a part of Call of Cthulhu Metal Dice Set Kickstarter campaign. The working title for this project was ?R?Lyeh?, as the most famous Mythos City. Philip H. Lovecraft wrote about R?lyeh as an abnormal, cyclopean, non-Euclidean, and..
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