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Gamintojas: Pythagoras Prekės modelis: PY0009
In the XII century, during the territory reconquest, small kingdoms are formed in the Iberian Peninsula, which will continue to fight among themselves in the following centuries. In the West, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, a new country is born ? Portugal. The first Portuguese kings strongly invest t..
Gamintojas: Pythagoras Prekės modelis: EXP01
Caf? expansion with 8 new plan cards and 4 new icons: Expresso, Lote, Nata and Plus...
Gamintojas: Pythagoras Prekės modelis: PY0011
During King's D. Jo?o V kingdom, Portugal was a major European power. From Brazil, the king ordered Sargent Melo Palheta to travel to the French Guyana to formally establish the Utrecht Treaty of 1713 and to secretly bring coffee seeds to Brazil. The Sargent was successful and by 1800 Brazil was al..
Gamintojas: Pythagoras Prekės modelis: PY0008
The chaos is installed at the mouth of the Douro, there is no space on the wharf to dock more ships. In these days, ships from around the world arrive at the Douro River to load the annual Porto wine orders. However, phylloxera decimated the vines, and this year's production is scarce. The Douro Val..
Gamintojas: Pythagoras Prekės modelis: PY0007
?The Great Day of Fado? is coming. There is no memory of such an event, thousands of tourists and fado lovers from all corners of the world are expected. Managers from all over the country are working on the organization of the event. From north to south of Portugal, one, two and even three shows a..
Garum - EN/DE/SP/PO
Gamintojas: Pythagoras Prekės modelis: PY0010
Garum was a fermented fish sauce used as a condiment in the old ages its manufacture and export was an element of prosperity and perhaps an impetus for the Roman penetration of Lusitanian and Hispanian coastal regions. Garum from today?s Portugal and Spain was highly prized in Rome and has now in..
Gamintojas: Pythagoras Prekės modelis: PY0006
Alarms ring in Rome, the Empire?s great army has lost another battle in Lusitania. The emperor Julius Caesar asks his four best generals to recruit and equip soldiers: legionaries, doctors, gunners and barbaric mercenaries to face the people who heroically resist in Lusitania. The emperor promises t..
Gamintojas: Pythagoras Prekės modelis: PY0013B
September 20, 1519. The Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan started what would be the longest sea voyage ever made at that time. In the service of the king of Castile, D. Carlos V, Magellan was the commander of a fleet of five ships that proposed to make the first circumnavigation voyage of th..
Gamintojas: Pythagoras Prekės modelis: PY0004
The competition takes place in rounds and each round is divided into 4 parts: sunrise, attack, sunset and night. All players play at the same time during 12 rounds. Use your Power Cards at the most appropriate time so as to win the Battles. Stay clear from the RED BARON, a brilliant acrobat and pilo..
Gamintojas: Pythagoras Prekės modelis: 63030
FERNANDO PESSOA (13 June 1888 ? 30 November 1935) was a Portuguese poet, writer, literary critic, translator, publisher and philosopher, described as one of the most significant literary figures of the 20th century and one of the greatest poets of all times. Pessoa was a prolific writer, and not onl..
Gamintojas: Pythagoras Prekės modelis: PY0012
The Portuguese King has called the finest stonemasons of the country to pave one of the most important squares with cal?ada tiles (worldwide famous black and white tiles that pave several squares in Portugal). But the task is enormous and players will have to count with the aid of helper cards who w..
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