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Black Angel - EN
Gamintojas: Pearl Games Prekės modelis: PGBA01
Žmonija dėl savo neatsakingo elgesio išeikvojo Žemės gamtinius išteklius, todėl ji tapo beveik negyvenama. Apakintos negrįžtamo jūsų planetos nykimo, didžiosios tautos yra priverstos pamiršti savo nesutarimus ir pasidalyti patirtimi, kad sukurtų didžiausią kada nors sukonstruotą erdvėlaivį. Taip pra..
Gamintojas: Pearl Games Prekės modelis: PGGIN01
2212: Ginkgo Biloba, the oldest and strongest tree in the world, has become the symbol of a new method for building cities in symbiosis with nature. Humans have exhausted the resources that the Earth offered them, and humanity must now develop cities that maintain a delicate balance between resource..
Gamintojas: Pearl Games Prekės modelis: PGTROY01
Built by the Romans during the first century in Belgian Gaul, Tournay experienced most of its growth along the Scheldt river. Unfortunately, the river also contributed to its troubles, because in 881, the Normans traversed its watery path, and thereby easily captured the city. That act of aggress..
Gamintojas: Pearl Games Prekės modelis: PGBTD01
Troyes Dice invites you to discover (or rediscover) the history of the city of Troyes during the Middle Ages when society was organized around three orders: the nobles, civilians, and religion. The responsibility of the first order is to protect the land and ensure justice the responsibility of midd..
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