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Gamintojas: Olmec Games Prekės modelis: TDE-A1007
Ando: Artefacter Scout.?Dverg Male.? Artefacter Scout, Explorer and certified insane, dinosaur killer! Ando has served as dig site security for the Artefacters for many years, clearing out the area of unwanted predators, guarding the Artefacters as they undertake involved excavations in dangerous lo..
Gamintojas: Olmec Games Prekės modelis: TDE-W5007
Medic for hire, Arabelle prefers not to talk about her age, but it is clear that she is not yet fully grown. A precocious child, from the mountain?city of Kajin Kai, Arabelle was studying modern medicine when most of her peers were?still learning their letters. Nonetheless, she made a personal study..
Gamintojas: Olmec Games Prekės modelis: TDE-M3007
Kalen, Militia trickster. Panya Female.? Renowned as traders and travelling mechanics, Ponya are not often found in fighting bands such as the Militia. However, Ulaya is a dangerous place, and those unwilling to protect themselves against its dangers soon find themselves victims of it. Kalen was bor..
Gamintojas: Olmec Games Prekės modelis: TDE-F2009
Kassel: the Underboss of the ?Five Lakes Syndicate?, the organisation which runs all the organised crime operations in the five Lakes District, and much of the Great Lagoon Network. Operating out of the Gilded Viper, a drinking establishment in the Undertown of Skyton, all those under his command qu..
Gamintojas: Olmec Games Prekės modelis: TDE-M3009
Mara: Everyone knows it: Forek is the leader of the Skyton Militia. However, he can?t be everywhere at once, and when he needs someone he can trust, Mara is his first port of call. An expert soldier, trained in the Bridge Military Academy, Mara arrived in Skyton purely at Forek?s request, having spe..
Gamintojas: Olmec Games Prekės modelis: TDE-F2006
Kaneda Mounted, Leader of the Firm. Human Male.? Proud, resentful, arrogant all of these words could be used to describe Kaneda Griss, the leader of The Firm?s notorious ?River Crew?. But Kaneda is merely an underling, in the grand scheme of things. Disappointing son of a powerful Underboss, Kaneda ..
Gamintojas: Olmec Games Prekės modelis: TDE-W5550
Wayfarer models?can?be taken as a faction in their own right, or?separately as Faction Neutral Mercenaries for other factions. This starter set for the Wayfarers Faction contains 5 metal miniatures: Wishbone, Bluewing, Kalhana, Aronax and Grayze, and all their profile cards. Each model is also suppl..
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