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Gamintojas: NINTENDO Prekės modelis: 290-80906
Pok?mon TCG: 2022 Battle Academy attle Academy (2022) is an updated board game adaptation of the best-selling Pok?mon TCG, which makes it easy and fun for the whole family to learn the classic tabletop game, and comes after the original version was awarded Game of the Year at The Toy Association?s ..
Gamintojas: NINTENDO Prekės modelis: 290-80957
Pok?mon TCG: V Battle Deck Bundle The V Battle Deck?Lycanroc vs. Corviknight bundle version comes with two ready-to-play decks that make it easy to jump into a Pok?mon TCG battle, as well as eight additional Trainer cards to help enhance the decks. 2) 60 card V Battle Decks ?(1) Lycanroc V Ba..
Gamintojas: NINTENDO Prekės modelis: 290-85019
Contents: (4) Pok?mon TCG boosters (4) Foil V-Union Promo Cards (1) Promo Trainer Card (1) Foil Oversized Card (4 images) (1) Code Card""..
Gamintojas: NINTENDO Prekės modelis: 290-85050
The Pok?mon TCG: Pok?mon GO ETB..
Gamintojas: NINTENDO Prekės modelis: 290-85049
The Pok?mon TCG: Pok?mon GO V Battle Deck Bundle..
Gamintojas: NINTENDO Prekės modelis: 290-86047
The Pok?mon TCG: Pok?mon GO V Battle Deck Display..
Gamintojas: NINTENDO Prekės modelis: 290-81909
Welcome the return of Dragon types to the Pok?mon TCG with a deck led by Rayquaza V or Noivern V! While Rayquaza V combines the powers of Fire and Lightning, and Noivern V channels Psychic and Darkness Energy, you can turn your discards into damage, sync up your hand size to deliver crushing blows, ..
Gamintojas: NINTENDO Prekės modelis: 181-87028
Jump-start your collection with three booster packs at once, plus an additional card featuring either the Basic-Type Eevee or its Psychic-Type evolution, Sylveon. A special game coin featuring Eevee is also included!..
Gamintojas: NINTENDO Prekės modelis: 181-86023
Shape the fabric of time and space with Astral Radiance! This set features over 180 new cards including 3 brand-new Radiant Pok?mon and 7 awesome Pok?mon VSTAR, as well as 19 powerful Pok?mon V and 2 enormous Pok?mon VMAX! There's also 30 special art cards in the Trainer Gallery subset, as well as m..
Gamintojas: NINTENDO Prekės modelis: 181-85040
Build two decks from a powerful set of components, and then play right away! Each Build & Battle Stadium contains a massive set of cards, including 2 Build and Battle Boxes each containing 40-card decks, unique foil promo cards, damage counter dice, flip coins, condition markers, and a collector's b..
Gamintojas: NINTENDO Prekės modelis: 181-85039
Looking for a boost to jump-start your Astral Radiance collection? The Elite Trainer Box includes 8 booster packs, 65 card sleeves featuring Darkrai, 45 Energy Cards, a player's guide and rulebook, damage-counter dice, flip coins and condition markers, all contained in a stylish collector's box. The..
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