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What is The Art of War if not about military strategy and thought? Meet the schemers and strategists of the Art of War expansion! Ko? Lel, the Jungle Typhoon, armed with her deadly blowpipe, her combination of skill, speed, and tactical knowledge was believed to have saved thousands of her peopl..
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A battle is about bleeding others, and bleeding yourself. Meet the champions who love the taste of blood of the Circle of Blood Expansion! Korvash, Wielder of Scornblade, would probably not be much without the power of his sword, and once it tastes the blood of its enemies, it just wants more!..
Super Fantasy Brawl - EN
Gamintojas: Mythic Games Prekės modelis: MG_SFB_006
In the land of Fabulosa, powerful magics have rendered war obsolete. With nothing else to compete for, the bored populace has turned to the Super Brawl for entertainment. These same powerful magics are now used to reach back into the timelines to pluck out the finest warriors from every civilization..
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Through the countless wars that have engulfed history, Fabulosa has suffered the most. Eventually nature had to fight back. Adored by his friends, and feared by his enemies, Taze built his life on triumph after bloody triumph. Loralei, once the nesting spirit of a druidic grove, kept the world in ..
Gamintojas: Mythic Games Prekės modelis: MG_SFB_037
It?s a world of tricksters after all! Because sometimes playing a Hot Trick at your opponent can prove to be more powerful than the more devastating blow! Jacques Le Beau, This duelist Musketeer, the Jack of Hearts, knows Gold?arr well! He will use his cores to boost the effects on his cards, bu..
Gamintojas: Mythic Games Prekės modelis: MG_SFB_038
Sometimes it?s not brute strength that will win a fight, it is the power of the mind. And these Mental Might Champions are here to cover this need exactly! Izabella, the Fateweaver, joins the fight promising that the wheels of fate will change, just the same way as the wheels of her wheelchair sp..
Gamintojas: Mythic Games Prekės modelis: MG_SFB_039
Their light and authority will cover the whole Arena! Their might is great, but their Radiant Authority in their era, is even greater. King Alistair, The Scaled Tyrant, takes lots of damage, deals lots of damage and helps around the board. The Black-hearted draconian is a great leader, shining..
Gamintojas: Mythic Games Prekės modelis: MG_SFB_004
Ragryl is the oldest of the Brawl creators, steeped in ancient lore and old magics. Hailed as one of the finest minds throughout time, he is most closely aligned to the Creation aspect of the Three Cores. Esmae?s looming statue shows her mastery of magic, casting her gaze over the arena, reaching..
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