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Gamintojas: Monte Cook Games Prekės modelis: MCG225
The vislae?s road has many steps. Shadow. Satyrine. The Path of Suns and the worlds of the Actuality. But are there even greater mysteries? Further steps? Deeper secrets to reality? Yes. Visla at the height of power and understanding eventually seek the Labyrinth. To enter the Labyrinth is to le..
Gamintojas: Monte Cook Games Prekės modelis: MCG260
Bring the Ninth World alive on your gaming table. These fullcolor characters and creatures are printed double-sided on thick, heavy gameboard stock, and come with plastic bases. Dozens of Numenera characters and creatures are ready for play. An easy upsell to Numenera players. And a great visual el..
Gamintojas: Monte Cook Games Prekės modelis: 259MCG
The greatest work of the prior worlds: the Engine of the Gods! Few who dwell on the Ninth World even know of the greatest achievement of the ancients, for it rests?imperceptibly, despite its vast size?on the very edge of the Sun itself. What horrific danger?what incredible threat, to the Sun and ..
Gamintojas: Monte Cook Games Prekės modelis: MCG268
This 32-page guide is designed to introduce you as a player to the fundamentals of Ptolus, so that you can create and run a character with plenty of knowledge about the world. The city is rich enough in detail that it?s difficult to absorb it all at once, so keep this information handy to reference ..
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