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Gamintojas: Matagot Prekės modelis: MAT-AZT-001-688
Like a modern Indiana Jones, you managed to break into the accursed temple! But when time comes to share the treasure, everyone wants to collect the maximum of jewels and all blows are allowed! And do not forget: a real Aztec temple always comes with its lot of traps and curses... Take the jewels..
Gamintojas: Matagot Prekės modelis: MAT-BAR-001-207
Acend to the Throne! You are a prosperous and influential baron with lands on the outskirts of the empire. Expand your fiefdom and rise through the ranks of nobility. Raise your armies of knights to expand into richer and more fertile lands. Protect your village and your borders by building daunt..
Gamintojas: Matagot Prekės modelis: MAT-CAP-001-215
1- Choose a color, Place all the cups randomly next to each other. 2- Is there a stack next to yours of equal or lesser height? Get on top! 3- Is one of yours stacks isolated? It is safety yours 4- At the end of the game: do you have more cups than your opponents? Congratulations you won! Fats, ..
Gamintojas: Matagot Prekės modelis: MTGCS01
Deep beneath the ocean waves, an unseen war is waged by rival corporations. Take your place in the conn and prepare for battle with Captain Sonar, a tense new real-time game of dueling submarines for two to eight players. In every game of Captain Sonar, you and your fellow players are split into..
Gamintojas: Matagot Prekės modelis: MAT-ONA-007-506
Captain Sonar: Operation Dragon, an expansion for Captain Sonar, consists of an Operation Dragon" campaign as well as a "Custom Pack" toolbox. A few details: ? In search of rare minerals, the crews dive to never-before-seen depths where the laws of physics reach their limits. In the "Operation Dr..
Gamintojas: Matagot Prekės modelis: MAT-ONA-003-056
At the bottom of the ocean, on one will hear you scream! This expansion takes the underwater hunt even further with 5 new scenarios and adds strategic depth as each crew gets to pick a special weapon system at the beginning of the game. 5 additionnal maps 8 amazing new weapons Huge replay va..
Gamintojas: Matagot Prekės modelis: MAT-COM-001-707
Invited to an exclusive competition on an offshore oil rig by an eccentric billionaire, the world's best brawlers, and martial artists will compete for lavish prizes and the glory of proving who is the strongest and most skilled. In Combo Fighter, you will play as one of these fighters competing ..
Cyclades - FR/EN/NL
Gamintojas: Matagot Prekės modelis: MAT-CYC-001-412
Be prepared to travel to the Cyclades Archipelago during the golden age of ancient Greece. With the blessing of the Gods of Olympus and the support of Mythological Creatures, recruit troops, build ships, erect fortresses and construct metropolises. The struggle to bring your people to their highest ..
Cyclades Monuments - FR/EN/DE/NL/ES/IT/PL/CNT
Perkamiausia Išankstinis užsakymas
Gamintojas: Matagot Prekės modelis: MAT-CYC-010-304
Set your devotion to the Gods in marble and stone with this mini-expansion for Cyclades! Build colossal temples to Zeus or Poseidon's glory, a greet university honoring Athena's wisdom or a citadel for Ares himself to watch over! Ten new miniatures will give you unique powers to achieve victory!..
Gamintojas: Matagot Prekės modelis: MATCYC007158
Kronos, father of the Titans just barged in the Cyclades Archipelago. Helped by this faithful sons, immerse yourself in the conquest of the largest islands, alone or with a partner. To be victorious, build new and unique Metropolis with fabulous powers or take over five sacred relics! More than ever..
Gamintojas: Matagot Prekės modelis: MAT-DIC-001-182
The Wild West is runthless! In the not so peaceful little town of Dice Town, you will discover it at your own risk. With a gold mine, its many territories, the city attracts adventurers, and they want to get rich. Become the king of the saloon, support the mayor, or become sheriff and takes the cont..
Gamintojas: Matagot Prekės modelis: MAT-DUN-002-557
After graduating from the Academy, now is the time to test your skills in the heart of the lost forest! And you have a busy agenda: new creatures, some magic mushrooms and heroes with exclusive powers, all waiting for you! Join the adventure with this thrilling roll & write, including new dice, e..
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