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Looney Labs

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It's the moment of truth in your quest to destroy the Evil magic Key. Your band of adventurers faces two Wizards: an Evil Wizard who wants to use the key to unlock evil powers, and the Good Wizard who has the ability to destroy it. The problem is, the Evil Wizard has disguised himself to look exactl..
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Homeworlds is a complex-yet-elegant abstract strategy game: an epic interstellar space war with no luck and no hidden information. Using just 36 pyramids, Homeworlds is actually a 4X conquest game (Expand, Explore, Exploit, Exterminate) with amazing depth of gameplay. It features the four classic co..
Gamintojas: Looney Labs Prekės modelis: LOO109
Ice Duo is actually two complete games in one box: Ice Dice and Twin Win. Ice Dice is a press-your-luck game that was specifically designed to be an introductory game for the pyramids. It features a special pair of dice designed for this game but useful now for many others. Twin Win is a quick littl..
Gamintojas: Looney Labs Prekės modelis: LOO110
Martian Chess is a fast and easy to learn Chess-style game with a difference that really makes you think: ownership of pieces is determined not by color, but by location on the gameboard. For this new edition, we are creating a new color, chrome silver, and since color has no meaning in this game, ..
Gamintojas: Looney Labs Prekės modelis: LOO108
Nomids is a fast, introductory Looney Pyramid game. A Nomids set contains one trio (a small, a medium, and a large pyramid) of ten different colors and a custom lightning die. To play, each player takes a trio made up of three different colors, with any remaining pyramids forming the bank. In turn,..
Gamintojas: Looney Labs Prekės modelis: LOO-039
Seven Dragons is a fast domino-like game, where players attempt to be the first to create a connected territory of seven panels of their dragon. Secret Goals add the opportunity to bluff, and with aggressive Action cards in the mix, subterfuge is a necessity! Seven Dragons features original painting..
Gamintojas: Looney Labs Prekės modelis: 115LOO
What?s more topsy-turvy than Fluxx? Wonderland Fluxx! Go down the Rabbit Hole with Looney Labs in their latest literary send-up. Join Alice as she has tea with the Mad Hatter, gets directions from the Cheshire Cat, tries to reason with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and grows and shrinks alarmingly. Y..
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