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Loke BattleMats

Gamintojas: Loke BattleMats Prekės modelis: LBM011
Attention Adventurers! These reusable Dungeon Decals will keep your party rolling through any and every encounter as your adventure can be personalised in seconds! These static clings will work on any laminated RPG map to instantly add doors, furniture, treasure, traps and many more details! Pack..
Gamintojas: Loke BattleMats Prekės modelis: LBM015
Attention Adventurers! The new must have for drawing Tabletop Roleplay battle maps! This folding battle map is the robust replacement for standard roll out PVC and paper maps which is robust, easily storable and transportable and white board marker safe! Grab your pens and roll initiative as this..
Gamintojas: Loke BattleMats Prekės modelis: LOKEBM006
Open the book, instantly create the encounter area, even if you weren't expecting an encounter there! The First open and Roll Sci-Fi Books to be published, this unique products mean the GM?s & players of Sci-Fi RPG?s can now enjoy all the benefits that the Giant Book of Battle Mats bring to Fanta..
Gamintojas: Loke BattleMats Prekės modelis: LBM017
The Little Book of Battle Mats - Towns & Taverns Edition is the book of lay flat wipe clean RPG Battle maps that fits in your pocket! Suspicious Rooms, Alley ways, Bridges and Cellars can now appear in moments just where you need them so you are always ready to roll! Never be caught out! A handy ma..
Gamintojas: Loke BattleMats Prekės modelis: LBM021
Loke Battle Mats? Box of Adventure ? Valley of Peril ? is a brand-new innovation from the publishers who brought you the Big Book of Battle Mats. This is the system agnostic kit is what you have been waiting for. It combines modular maps and tokens of monsters, baddies and NPCs, everything you ne..
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