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Jordan Draper Games

Gamintojas: Jordan Draper Games Prekės modelis: TKYO-SHOW
Inspired by the extraordinarily entertaining and popular Japenese reality television genre, TOKYO GAME SHOW gives players the opportunity to put on a colorful wristband and appear in their very own game show. One player takes on the role of the host, who chooses 5 games to play from a multitu..
Gamintojas: Jordan Draper Games Prekės modelis: TKYO-JIDO
Jidohanbaiki (vending machine in Japanese) is a framework game providing various components from which many games have been created. Complete with 3D miniature drinks, crates, and a vending machine tower to drop the drinks into, the game was made in celebration of Japanese vending machine cul..
Gamintojas: Jordan Draper Games Prekės modelis: TKYO-JUTA
In TOKYO JUTAKU you will take on the role of a famous Japanese architect with the goal of building small homes on a strange or limited size property. In this real time dexterity game, players will stack geometric pieces according to certain building requirements such as the number of oors, and ..
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