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It's all come down to this. Titans have broken through Wall Maria and are heading for the supply depot in Trost. If the depot falls, all the resources needed to continue fighting off these monstrous aberrations will be destroyed and all hope for the last remnants of mankind will be lost. It's up ..
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BESM 2D-Animinis are cardboard miniature standees that helps bring dynamic characters and NPCs to life in your gaming adventures ? adding over 100 monsters, characters, mecha, and animals to your anime tabletop RPG stories. These gorgeous illustrations are printed in a variety of sizes on sturdy..
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This handy, 4-panel reference screen for game masters features a one-stop location for BESM tables, charts, and other resources, wrapped in a stunning full-color panoramic image on the front. As a bonus, inside you?ll find an engaging two-part, multi-genre adventure that can be dropped into nearly a..
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BESM 4 is actually two distinct games. In addition to the standard BESM Fourth Edition, we are also releasing a stripped-down core role-playing game called BESM Naked that a complete, stand-alone, alternate edition. (See what we did there?) BESM Naked is a ?gateway product? of a sorts, targeted a..
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Warriors of the Dawn will feature Gods and Warriors from Japanese mythology! Each expansion will come with 6 Gods, 9 new Warrior Types, 1 new Disciple type and 1 new Temple! Also includes card dividers and randomizer cards...
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Naruto : Ninja Arena is the first game using the Roll & Clash system. During the game, you throw your dice as quickly as you can and use the results to activate Techniques without stopping the game. Everyone plays at the same time in a frantic battle to be the last Ninja Standing! The Chunin exa..
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You must fight for your nation as you aim to defeat all of your opponents. Each brave Champion is granted three attributes: a Class, an Element, and a type of Arms, all imbued with incredible power. When one Champion is attacked by another, the damage they take exposes the nature of their attrib..
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In downtown Tokyo, ghouls are on the move, and they can only quench their thirst with coffee and their bloodthirst with human flesh. Humans are easy prey, but the investigators from the fearful CCG are on the lookout. Their job: make the ghouls out in the crowd and hunt them down. In this bluff-..
Tree-Lined Avenue - EN
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Be a big-time landscape designer and design a beautiful park! There's a new plan to build a large park with its symbolic tree-lined avenues. However, the planned avenues are crossed, and the number of available trees are limited. Design your park so the avenues you are in charge of are the most ..
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