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Gamintojas: Irongames Prekės modelis: IRG23
We hate the cold in winter, so we want to complete the winter tasks as quickly as possible so that we can retreat into the warmth. Pact Winter is the expansion for Pact. With this, you can play the game with up to six players. Various new winter tasks and winter specialists promise a dramatic endgam..
Gamintojas: Irongames Prekės modelis: IRG25
Your scouts have discovered a hidden valley deep in the mountains of Pandoria, divided by rivers and large lakes. Here your people can develop the land undisturbed. But as you begin to inhabit these new lands, you discover that you are not alone: trolls from the surrounding mountains are staking the..
Gamintojas: Irongames Prekės modelis: IRG24
Pandoria Merchants transforms the critically-acclaimed board game into a ?roll-n-write? game. In the more streamlined ?family? version of the game, you gain valuable spells whenever you close out a region, and instead of managing different resources, every region rewards you with victory points. If ..
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