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Stalo žaidimas - DoW - Ticket to Ride: Europe ? 15th Anniversary - EN

DoW - Ticket to Ride: Europe ? 15th Anniversary - EN
Stalo žaidimas - DoW - Ticket to Ride: Europe ? 15th Anniversary - EN

Stalo žaidimas - DoW - Ticket to Ride: Europe ? 15th Anniversary - EN

From beneath the shadow of London's Big Ben to the towering arches of Rome's Colosseum, from the brilliant onion domes of Moscow to the delicate Eiffel Tower in Paris, Ticket to Ride Europe takes you on new train adventures through the great cities of turn-of-the-century Europe. Will you brave a ride through the long Alpine tunnels or undertake an arctic ferry ride? Will you construct extravagant train stations across the old empires or attempt the fabled European Express? Your next move could seal your place as Europe's greatest train magnate! Pack your luggage, hail the porter, and climb aboard! This deluxe and oversized version of Ticket to Ride? Europe celebrates years of thrilling train adventures for many families and friends. Featuring finely detailed plastic trains and stations coming in gorgeous tin boxes, this version is a spare no expense definitive edition of the classic Ticket to Ride? Europe: oversized board, all the destination tickets published to date along with a set of beautiful new artwork. 1 Giant Board map of European train routes with all new illustrations 5 Tin Boxes, each with 45 finely sculpted wagon cars 15 Colored Train Stations 5 Scoring Markers 1 Rules booklet 110 Train Car Cards All 108 Destination Ticket Cards published to date 1 European Express Bonus Card 1 Big Cities Reference Card
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