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Gamintojas: IDW Games Prekės modelis: IDW01271
Welcome to Outpost 1, the first science observatory located in the isolated frozen tundra of Siberia! You and your team have been investigating anomalous activities the region, and recently things have shifted for the worse. The coming storm is said to be the ?storm-ofthe-century? it may last a mont..
Gamintojas: IDW Games Prekės modelis: IDW01656
The small island of Kuchinoshima has been hit by a terrible storm, leaving the village with only a single fishing boat. Each hoping to prove themselves the village?s best fisherman, 2-4 players take turns moving the boat marker around the island, collecting any fish tiles they land upon. At the ..
Gamintojas: IDW Games Prekės modelis: IDW01694
Become wizards and help build the mystical Towers of Arkhanos! Roll and draft dice that become part of the towers themselves, learn and cast powerful spells to alter the dice, and rise above the competition with strategic moves in this family game of 3D tower building! 50 Prestige Tokens 40..
Gamintojas: IDW Games Prekės modelis: IDW01835
A new magic school, the Silver Lotus Order, has arrived at the mystical ruins, allowing a 5th player to join the game and create even taller 3D towers. With them comes a new set of diverse Floor tiles, adding more variety to the game at all player counts! 20 Prestige Tokens 16 Dice 8 Meeple..
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