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Blank initially offers players of all ages and skill level an easy-to-learn, quick-to-play game experience, but quickly evolves into an understandable game design kit. By creating new rules and game card effects, players will quickly see how the decisions they make and the text they write can change..
Gamintojas: Hub Games Prekės modelis: BLK02HG
What happens when a legendary game designer takes one of their most famous releases and transforms it into an expansion for everyone's favorite quick-playing card game? We asked Matt Leacock (and his daughter Colleen) to create the first Designer Expansion for Blank and are now proud to present Blan..
Faraway Valley - EN
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Gamintojas: Hub Games Prekės modelis: HUB FV01
Faraway Valley is a worker placement game in which you must do everything you can to make sure your workers actually stay at the end of the game. Over the course of eight rounds, you need to explore the local forest by placing exploration tiles and by clearing space for strategically placed building..
FLIP Over Frog - EN
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Simplicity is key when it comes to Flip Over Frog - with only three rules to remember, the focus is placed firmly on strategy! Play a tile, flip others, then draw a new one - that?s all you need to know to play. This allows players of all kinds to enjoy the game on a level playing field, and means t..
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Your latest patient has been rushed to your medical facility following a massive heart attack on a flight from Sydney to London. Can you work together to discover the truth behind Billy Kerr?s story before it?s too late?..
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Accessibility is incredibly important to the team at Hub Games, and we wanted to make MegaCity: Oceania the kind of game that a wide audience can play, while still ensuring that everyone sat at the table is in with a chance of winning. Over the course of a game you will see a stunning skyline form i..
Gamintojas: Hub Games Prekės modelis: HUBPR01
Designed by Rory O'Connor (Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr) and John Fiore (Untold: Adventures Await), Prisma Arena is a game for 2 to 4 players that looks to reimagine arena combat for a new generation of gamers and their families. Players will gain experience in the arena by fighting a..
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Untold: Adventures Await gives players of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to experience storytelling like never before. With an emphasis on working as a team to create an enjoyable story, players will collaborate and help each other out to ensure that their tale has the best result possibl..
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