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A la Carte - EN
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Gamintojas: HeidelBär Games Prekės modelis: HG101E
As everyone knows, too many cooks spoil the broth. In A la carte, players sizzle their own dish while trying to oversalt their wannabe-chef-rivals? dish. Set your stove to the correct temperature and show your finesse by giving the culinary delicacies just the right amount of seasoning. In this e..
Gamintojas: HeidelBär Games Prekės modelis: HG104
An expansion for A la carte that introduces new gourmet desserts for avid gamers including Spice Dice, Salty Dogs or the fiery Pomitos Frititos. This expansion contains 4 mini expansions for A la carte and the components necessary to add a fifth player. Menus Before the game starts each pla..
Gamintojas: HeidelBär Games Prekės modelis: HG007E
Some say Anansi is a trickster, but he is a spider for sure and sometimes even a man. Let me tell you why he is also known as the ?Keeper of Stories?. Once Anansi decided to gather all stories and become the wisest of all. After many years he finally had all the stories in the world, but poor Anans..
Gamintojas: HeidelBär Games Prekės modelis: HG010E
-The international adaption of a card classic (Karriere Poker) with over 80.000 sold copies in Germany. The game concept has its origin in Chinese traditional game Zheng Shangyou -Very fast and easy to access game, which opens up to everybody -Can easily compete with other classic titles of th..
Gamintojas: HeidelBär Games Prekės modelis: HG009E
Well, my friend, so be it. If you want to catch the blazing Firebird for its magical feathers, I will not hold you back. But remember, these woods are full of dark secrets and people say that this bird may bring both fortune and misery. Be careful or no one will ever find you in the vastness of the ..
Gamintojas: HeidelBär Games Prekės modelis: HG008E
Once Coyote crossed the river with his friends. But he was carrying too many things and almost drowned before Bear pulled him out of the water. Poor Coyote had lost everything. They sat down by a fire to dry off and rest. Coyote became jealous of the other animals, because they still had all their ..
Gamintojas: HeidelBär Games Prekės modelis: HG004E
This game is all about thinking up clever words that will be hard to decipher and cleverly combining letter pieces to guess secret words. Decipher is a different kind of word game for 2?4 players. Players use 4 different letter pieces to create and solve word puzzles. In each round a different..
Spicy - EN
Gamintojas: HeidelBär Games Prekės modelis: HG006E
Once upon a time, three big cats became exhausted fighting to be top cat. They agreed to quit the fight and spice up their nine lives with a hot spice eating contest. Alas, everyone was soon cheating, so the cats invented a very hot, often tearful, bluffing game. Spicy is a bluffing card game for..
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