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Aquarena - EN
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Gamintojas: Geek Attitude Games Prekės modelis: AQU01-EN
Countryside ponds are little slices of paradise where everything is calm and peaceful. Or so it seems... For pond?s people, this poetic backdrop represents a daily struggle for survival, where it?s ?eat or be eaten?! Aquarena shows us what the food chain near a pond looks like. Carefully position..
Gamintojas: Geek Attitude Games Prekės modelis: BXL97-EN
In 1897, Art Nouveau is taking over the streets of Brussels as the World's Fair opens its doors. The time has come to cement your name in the History of Art. To achieve all of this, you must construct magnificent buildings, create, sell and exhibit works of art, and shake hands with the city's noble..
Gamintojas: Geek Attitude Games Prekės modelis: DI-01EN
Dicium invites you on four very different adventures through a central game mechanism of dice combinations. The Dicium dice" are at the heart of the game: eleven identical dice. Each side presents two aspects: a number and a color. On your turn, you combine the results of your rolled dice to perform..
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