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Tikro dydžio statulos

Tikro dydžio statulos
Prekės modelis: WIZ68503
In the world of the Forgotten Realms, Drizzt Do'Urden, ranger of the North, has proven his quality as a good-hearted defender of the weak and innocent.- Life-size, full-scale figure- Sturdy construction- Removable hood/cloakStands 5'ft 7"in (170cm) tallMinor assembly required. Please note: As this i..
1 299.00€
Prekės modelis: SS400077
From the polished armor, to the fierce helmet there is no mistaking the foot-soldiers of the major power in the Galaxy - Imperial Stormtroopers.Made all the more fearsome by their hidden visage and unflinching dedication to bringing down the Rebellion, Stormtroopers are an ever-present piece of the ..
9 999.95€
Prekės modelis: SS400369
Sideshow presents The Child Life-Size Figure, created in partnership with Legacy Effects to bring you the galaxy's most sought-after bounty. Lovingly referred to by audiences as 'Baby Yoda', the mysterious alien known as The Child has quickly become the breakout fan-favorite of Star Wars™: The Manda..
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