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Prime 1 Studio is proud to present HDBIT-ALL: IT Pennywise Bust Set from the worldwide success 2017 Horror film IT, drawn from the pages of Stephen King's original novel. It Pennywise, often capitalized as "IT", was the main antagonist in Stephen King's IT. Pennywise was an ancient entity that would..
1 715.95€
Be PVM:1 418.14€
Sideshow and CoolProps are pleased to present the Neomorph Life-Size Head Prop Replica. The Neomorph appeared in Alien: Covenant in the dark and attacked the covenant crew continuously with its quick movement. Though this alien has a creepy emotionless face, at the moment with David, it almost looke..
1 570.45€
Be PVM:1 297.89€
Sideshow and CoolProps are proud to present the Wolf Predator Life-Size Bust Prop Replica. This Predator appeared in the 2007 movie AVP: Requiem. The veteran Predator has a different appearance than the other young Predators from previous movies, and he has gained popularity among many fans with his..
1 648.05€
Be PVM:1 362.02€
This Predator is one of the Predators which appeared in the in the pyramid ruins under the Antarctic for the initiation ritual in the 2004 movie AVP: Alien vs Predator. The Predators that appeared in this movie were all designed with human-like skin tone, larger body and have longer dread hair compa..
1 648.05€
Be PVM:1 362.02€
"BARON FARAII is, next to the main character, my second favorite demon from my novel, God's Demon. He is a major player in the saga. We meet him as a charismatic, wandering swordsman, entering the demon Lord Sargatanas' court and enlisted as an important and trusted general. Unfortunately, FARAII be..
Be PVM:640.54€
He's mad as a hatter! Jervis Tetch, a.k.a. the Mad Hatter, is the next Batman villain to join the resin bust line based on Batman: The Animated Series! Holding a cup of tea and one of his trademark mind-control cards, the Hatter measures approximately 6-7 inches tall and comes on a decorative pedest..
Be PVM:64.13€
A Diamond Select Toys Release! Batman beware, Deathstroke is the newest installment in DST's line of animated-style busts! Based on his appearance in Beware the Batman, this approximately 6-inch bust of Slade Wilson shows him brandishing a sword and sits atop a pedestal inspire by the show's archite..
Be PVM:64.13€
The fowl felon has arrived in the Batman Animated bust series! Oswald Cobblepot, the Penguin, is captured in his classic animated appearance, as he appeared on Batman: The Animated Series. Measuring just under 15 cm tall, the Penguin perches on a pedestal base inspired by the show's art-deco archite..
Be PVM:64.13€
Hail to the king! T'Challa,the Black Panther, assumes his place in the pantheon ofLegends with this regal half-scale bust! Measuringapproximately 25 cm tall, this resin bust is limited to only1,000 pieces, and comes packaged in a numbered boxwith a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity. Designed..
Be PVM:119.46€
Breaking Bad™ Fans and afficionados of high-end collectibles rejoice! supacraft® proudly presents the Walter White Life-Size Bust with an incredible likeness of Bryan Cranston as seen in the groundbreaking TV series! With Breaking Bad™ being one of the most beloved and critically acclaimed TV series..
1 357.05€
Be PVM:1 121.53€
Biustas - Bruce Lee Legends in 3D-1/2 Bruce Lee 25 cm
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A Diamond Select Toys release! Just in time for Bruce Lee's 80th birthday, this half-scale bust captures the martial-arts legend's portrait, measuring approximately 10 inches tall atop a dragon pillar. Cast in resin and featuring detailed sculpting and paint applications, it is limited to only 1000 ..
Be PVM:152.27€
Captain Marvel, the new star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! In her blue, red and gold suit, the superhero Marvel reveals herself in all her splendour. Short or trendy hair, it's up to you to choose the Carol Danvers you prefer. This hand painted resin bust is about 20 cm high and comes with 2 int..
Be PVM:48.06€
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