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Gamintojas: dlp games Prekės modelis: DLP1014
Altiplano is a bag-building game along the lines of Orl?ans, set in the South American highlands of the Andes (the Altiplano"). Each player starts with a unique role tile, giving them access to different goods and methods of production. Players have limited access to production at the start, but ..
Gamintojas: dlp games Prekės modelis: DLP1026
Cette premi?re grande extension pour ALTIPLANO demande aux joueurs une planification des d?placements encore plus pr?cise et rend aussi la concurrence face aux ressources rares plus interactive. Ainsi, l'achat des trouvailles aupr?s du voyageur permet aux habitants d'am?liorer leur prosp?rit? alors ..
Gamintojas: dlp games Prekės modelis: DLP1025
A traveler wanders through the South American highlands and brings the inhabitants new ideas from his travels. Anyone who meets him can take advantage of these assets. A public trading point makes it possible to obtain rare goods in exchange for opals. And a variety of fortunes adds even more divers..
Gamintojas: dlp games Prekės modelis: DLP1061
Das umfangreiche Spielmaterial besteht unter anderem aus 4 Doublelayer-Spielertableaus, 165 Projektkarten und mehr als 120 Holzteilen. Das Spiel beinhaltet einen Solomodus und ist f?r 1-4 Spieler ausgelegt. Eine Partie dauert ca. 2 Stunden. Den neuen PFISTER gibt es in einer rein deutschen un..
Gamintojas: dlp games Prekės modelis: DLP1062
Among many other components, the abundant game materials include 4 double-layer player boards, 165 project cards, and more than 120 wooden pieces. The game includes a solo mode and is for 1-4 players. Playing a game takes about 2 hours. The new PFISTER is available in a purely German and an Engli..
Gamintojas: dlp games Prekės modelis: DLP1056
CloudAge is a strategy game from Alexander Pfister. The award-winning author has created a dark and dystopian world for 1 to 4 players. Fifteen years ago, the mysterious secret society ?Cloud? sabotaged countless oil production sites to destabilise the world. The resulting environmental catastrop..
Gamintojas: dlp games Prekės modelis: DLP1030
Coffee Roaster is a solitaire pool-building game. You choose a variety of coffee beans you want to roast, and put a number of tokens specific to that variety into a bag. Each turn, you draw a number of bean tokens randomly from the bag to advance their roast level. When you are finished, you make a ..
Gamintojas: dlp games Prekės modelis: DLP20
2006 is the year of the football world championship and ligretto, the fast paced action card games pays it tribute...
Gamintojas: dlp games Prekės modelis: DLP1022
The Canadian province of Manitoba is wild, fascinating, and almost without any limits: countless lakes, majestic mountains, a vast tundra in the north and endless prairies in the south. Manitoba ? a country whose name derives directly from Manitou, the big spirit of creation of the American natives...
Gamintojas: dlp games Prekės modelis: DLP1047
In the early Middle Ages, the peak of ecclesiastical power, no fewer than five monasteries were founded in a beautiful valley with the aim of spreading the Word of God. As the dean of a cathedral school, you try to accommodate the novices entrusted to you in the monasteries, thus building up an u..
Gamintojas: dlp games Prekės modelis: DLP1059
K?se, Bier, Senf oder eine andere Spezialit?t vom Marktstand gef?llig? Mit dieser kleinen Erweiterung wird Monasterium" noch abwechslungsreicher. Die M?nche haben auf dem Weg einen Marktstand er?ffnet, wo selbst gemachte Spezialit?ten aus den Kl?stern angeboten werden. Immer wenn Ihr ihn besucht ..
Gamintojas: dlp games Prekės modelis: DLP1060
Cheese, beer, mustard or another delicacy from a monastery? With this small expansion Monasterium" will be even more varied. The monks have opened a market stall on the path. Every time you visit or pass it, you will get a specialty from the monasteries, that brings you advantages. With this smal..
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