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A Song Of Ice And Fire - Baratheon Heroes Box 1..
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A Song Of Ice And Fire - Baratheon Heroes Box 2..
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The faith that the King?s Men have in The Seven is only matched by their faith that Stannis Baratheon should be the next one to sit upon the Iron Throne. Through rigorous training with their greatswords and heavy armor, they are headed to the field of battle in service of the older Baratheon brother..
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The Stag Knights Unit Box gives House Baratheon commanders a strong, tough, elite unit for their forces...
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King Robert Baratheon is dead. And while his (alleged) son Joffrey sits on the throne, there are other Baratheons who have also made claim to the kingdom. Both Renley and Stannis Baratheon have laid claim to the Iron Throne and they are willing to fight to take it. House Baratheon might be interna..
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There are many mercenary companies in Westeros. Each one must find a way to stand out from the rest. The Bloody Mummers do this via garish outfits and makeup, along with wild antics. But it would be only a fool that would think them as mere clowns on the battlefield. Their outfits are not the sign o..
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To stand out among all the different mercenary companies in Westeros, one must get creative. For the Bloody Mummers, they have decided that every aspect of their look must be as flamboyant as possible. That doesn?t just mean bright clothing for themselves, but even to the animals that they ride in c..
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On a battlefield where the fighting is done up close and personal, a reputation for vicious brutality can be just as effective a weapon as any blade or bow. The Bolton Cutthroats have simple armor and only a spiked mace at hand, but they are coldly efficient at cutting down enemies with much m..
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Life on the Wall can be hard, but the Brothers of the Night's Watch look out for one-another. It doesn't hurt that they have formidable siege weapons at their disposal. The Builders construct and maintain these defenses, like the Scorpion. It's smaller than the massive ballistae mounted atop the Wal..
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Skinchangers have the rare ability to project their consciousness into nearby creatures, altering their behavior. This can be used simply, perhaps having them perform tricks. But it can also be used in combat. It's bad enough when an enemy unit is advancing on your position. It's worse when that uni..
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While the Lannisters, Starks, Baratheons, and factions within Westeros are busy fighting over the Iron Throne in King's Landing, House Greyjoy is taking the opportunity to extend their influence over the continent's coastlines. No strangers to piracy and raiding, the Kraken extending its tentacles f..
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House Greyjoy isn't entirely concerned with taking the Iron Throne during the latest war in Westeros. However, they're certainly going to take the opportunity to utilize the chaos it causes to improve their station. Their history of pillaging and plundering has simply moved further inland from the c..
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