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Gamintojas: CardLords Prekės modelis: CDR004
A quick paced take on classic games like Hearts and Spades, filled with light strategy and maximum cuteness where octopuses show off their favorite treasures found beneath the sea!..
Gamintojas: CardLords Prekės modelis: CDR008
An abstract game about folding origami for 2-4 players. The first player with all four of their animals in a line wins. To succeed, you will need to fold your way through an ever-changing grid of paper patterns and earn the skills needed to make your folds even more powerful...
Gamintojas: CardLords Prekės modelis: CDR007
Lucky Luau is a flower matching, lei making game with simple turns but tricky decisions...
Gamintojas: CardLords Prekės modelis: CDRB01
A pleasant night of mystery & deduction. Face off to collect points while protecting your own identity. There is something odd going on in Grandpa?s spooky house. It?s up to Leo to solve the clues, and figure out the suspects in each room before the timer runs out!..
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