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Gamintojas: Breaking Games Prekės modelis: BGZ110236
The world?s first self-rolling, sound activated, programmable, gaming dice. Clap your hands, snap your fingers or bang the table, and they will start to Boogie! Use the Boogie App to customize your dice and switch between different Boogie Dice games...
Gamintojas: Breaking Games Prekės modelis: BGZ1333
Take the addicting play of Tetris, and the accessibility of Connect 4 and you get Convert. In this clever game, use spacial reasoning to place chunky wooden blocks for points. Every row will score points, combined with the added bonus of territory points at the end!..
Gamintojas: Breaking Games Prekės modelis: BGZ110192
Expancity is an upwards moving strategy game where players build a 3D city together. Players work together to form the city grid, all the while trying to shape the city in order to grant them the most valuable buildings and contracts. In the end, players finish a beautiful one-of-a-kind city on the ..
Gamintojas: Breaking Games Prekės modelis: BGZ111544
Due to a small oversight, all of the Jonathans have been accidentally teleported to the SAME DIMENSION! In the mix-up, you have also become a Jonathan! CONGRATULATIONS! (Take a moment to applaud yourself!). But there can only be one Jonathan in any given dimension. Do not stress. We have devised a s..
Gamintojas: Breaking Games Prekės modelis: BGZ110764
Have you ever heard of The Mandela Effect or ME as it is called? If not then you just have! ME is a fascinating occurrence that has affected people around the world in all nations, and one that is mystifying people everywhere. The effect is so named because many people remember Nelson Mandela pas..
Gamintojas: Breaking Games Prekės modelis: BGZ1093
A great game for the whole family! Match Plus is a fast paced, strategic table top game for 2-4 players. If you like Connect Four and Tic-Tac-Toe, but want more of a challenge, this is the game for you. The Goal: Get rid of your chips by matching at least 3 cards in any direction. Block your oppo..
Gamintojas: Breaking Games Prekės modelis: BGZ1140
The most outrageous party game you will ever play - if you play it with the right people. Mobscenity is a simple, yet deliciously horrible card game. Every round, the current Master plays two cards with innocent words (like donkey, clam, crack, punch, chocolate, banana, beaver, cream, spank, blood, ..
Gamintojas: Breaking Games Prekės modelis: BGZ110343
POOP: The Game is an original card game created by kids and adults for kids and adults. Kids love it because of the silly designs and opportunity to make poop jokes. Adults love it because POOP makes them act like kids. 50 new adorable poop cards to add to your collection...
Gamintojas: Breaking Games Prekės modelis: BGZ110288
Lead the Dawn of Civilization! In Rise of Tribes, players lead their prehistoric tribes to explore new lands, father resources and discover new tools in an attempt to rise to greatness. Choose to build villages, raid neighbors and maybe even ride a mammoth in this new strategy title...
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The Deluxe Upgrade Kit (requires standard edition to play) provides wooden component replacements for 94 pieces in the Standard Edition. This deluxe upgrade is our most popular version of the game among Kickstarter backers and is also available at wholesale prices on our retailer portal...
Gamintojas: Breaking Games Prekės modelis: BGZ110026
Magic wands you use to throw, into the caustic boiling stew, the items of a witches brew! In Something Wicked, players become witches gathered around a large plastic cauldron. Using Bubble, Toil, and Trouble actions to move and take plastic wands from the cauldron, as well as getting other witches t..
Gamintojas: Breaking Games Prekės modelis: BGZ110761
In Swear Jar from Breaking Games, each card contains REAL WORDS taken from slang and urban dictionaries around the world. Players try to bluff which DEFINITIONS are the correct ones, listing their own definitions along with the true meanings. Guess the definition to earn coins to put into the jar. T..
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