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Swordcrafters Expanded Edition includes the Swordcrafters base game plus three modules to mix and match for amazing replay value. In Swordcrafters, players compete to forge the best sword scoring based on length, quality, and magic. Each round, each player makes one cut in a grid of sword tiles t..
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The Pond Life expansion unlocks an entirely new game mode to creatively expand classic abstract strategy game-play to the 3rd and 4th player for Thrive. Additionally, players may choose from 15 pond life creatures for a ?rule-bending? power on each turn, and a deck of variable setup configurations ..
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Send your food truck team to score sales at various venues throughout town. You can only visit each venue once and will need to carefully plan your route and take sales opportunities when they are arise. Drive efficiently and score bonuses, or race to the finish and hit the big-time payouts on the w..
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