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Gamintojas: Catan/Kosmos Prekės modelis: 693602
Versetzen Sie sich in das Zeitalter der Entdecker: Ihre Schiffe haben nach langer, entbehrungsreicher Seefahrt die K..
Gamintojas: Catan/Kosmos Prekės modelis: 680466
Auf in ein neues Weltraum-Abenteuer! Mit dieser Erg..
Gamintojas: Mayfair Games Prekės modelis: CN3120
Like all the other games of the Settlers of Catan" series, this game is about building settlements, roads, cities and hiring knights. This time, there is no board on which to place little figures: Every player has his own score card called the building sheet, which depicts a mini Catan (compare with..
Gamintojas: Mayfair Games Prekės modelis: CN3025
A Catan adventure for fledgling swashbucklers. Explore the Seas! Catan: Junior? introduces a modified playing style of the classic game giving younger players the opportunity to experience the world of Catan! Designed for players as young as 5 and is a perfect introduction to the Catan series of ..
Gamintojas: Catan Studio Prekės modelis: CN3222
Celebrate 25 years of exploration and discovery! The CATAN 25th anniversary edition contains the classic CATAN 3-4 player board game, PLUS 5-6 Player Extension, Helpers of CATAN Scenario, special iridescent anniversary wood pieces and dice. Also includes resource card sorting trays and card sleeves!..
Catan: Cities & Knights Game Cards Accessories - EN
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Gamintojas: Catan Studio Prekės modelis: CN3122
This is a complete set of replacement expansion cards for use with Catan: Cities and Knights Expansion for Settler's of Catan. Contents: 36 Commodity Cards 54 Progress Cards 6 Victory Point Cards..
Gamintojas: Mayfair Games Prekės modelis: MFG3078
NOT a complete game! You need a Catan..
Gamintojas: Lookout Games Prekės modelis: CN3075
Catan: Explorers & Pirates90 minutes...
Gamintojas: Catan Studio Prekės modelis: CN3205
Settle, act, build ? the basic Catan elements are all there in Catan Histories: Rise of the Inkas, but this game includes an innovative displacement mechanism that opens up new possibilities for players and confronts them with new game situations that will require tactical adjustments. Nature can re..
Gamintojas: Mayfair Games Prekės modelis: CN3073
This is an expansion for The Settlers of Catan. Players can build shipping lanes, which are very similar to roads. This game requires The Settlers of Catan. Ideally, using the same publisher and edition of the game. Contents: 60 Wooden Ships 1 Pirate Ship 6 Frame Pieces 19 Sea Hexes 11 Hexag..
Gamintojas: Catan Studio Prekės modelis: CN3005
Twenty years ago, the settlers started into the depths of the galaxy to discover unknown planets, the undiscovered universe lying before them. Maybe they'll find planets with good ore or carbon deposits ? or perhaps only barren ice planets. They might encounter alien folks and start lucrative tradin..
Gamintojas: Catan Studio Prekės modelis: CN3006
Adds up to two additional players to CATAN ? Starfarers for an even more epic race to explore and settle the galaxy. This extension not only adds new player pieces, motherships, and additional space sectors, but also introduces the mysterious alien civilization ? The Travelers. Players can strike up..
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