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Gamintojas: Skellig Games Prekės modelis: 0047-0002-01
In Ambrosia, 2-4 players move as bee colonies with their normal and special stones to fields with different scores. Clever placement and combination of the stones is necessary to score points and to obstruct the other players because dice and other random elements are not needed in Ambrosia. The ..
Gamintojas: Iello Prekės modelis: 51254
So far your first year at the Elementary College has been slightly disappointing. They taught you to light a flickering flame at the tip of your finger, but other than that you've spent much more time reading books than learning powerful spells as future great wizards like you should. So when you..
Gamintojas: Iello Prekės modelis: 51372
The Big Book of Madness: the Vth Element is an expansion for The Big Book of Madness base game. Your goal remains the same: you must close the book before succumbing to madness. But will you be able to handle the new Dark Matter and Phobias? The Dark Matter and the Phobias are two different modul..
Gamintojas: Catan Studio Prekės modelis: CN3142
Struggle for Catan? is a fast-paced, stand-alone card game for 2-4 players. Manage your resources to build roads, settlements, cities, and more. Although your kingdom and its buildings remain yours, valuable roads and knights can be taken from you by your opponents. Expand your cities to earn mo..
Gamintojas: Burnt Island Games Prekės modelis: BIL3001
In Endeavor: Age of Expansion, players will take the mechanisms they know and love and use them with a new set of buildings and cards for all-new game play and interaction. The new building market creates a totally different strategic experience within the same rule set. Most of the actions on th..
Gamintojas: Board&Dice Prekės modelis: BD539338
Escape Tales: The Awakening is a card game based on the escape room concept, but you're not limited by time when it comes to finishing this adventure as the game is focused on the story and your exploration of it, while engaging the puzzles within and making choices that will immerse you deeply. As ..
Gamintojas: Lucky Duck Games Prekės modelis: LG372526
Das Ende der Menschheit ist nah. Die Revolution der Maschinen begann still und unbemerkt und es sind nur noch Wenige, die es zu besiegen gilt. In einer alten, zerfallenen Fabrik wird der finale Kampf stattfinden. Du bist dort... aber wer k..
Gamintojas: Lucky Duck Games Prekės modelis: GG-HP-05-E
The last despaired Humans activated a secret weapon but they did not know what they were doing. Something evil was behind the Hell Gate and now, it is unleashed! Project: Hell Gate ist he first expansion for Human Punishment: Social Deduction 2.0 and will contain lots of new hidden roles, new ..
Gamintojas: Iello Prekės modelis: I516603
- 2 foil cards (the 2 worthiest trees, to replace their regular cards in the game). - 1 explanatory card...
Gamintojas: Board&Dice Prekės modelis: BD674528
Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny is a great sequel to a game awarded the Polish Players? Choice in 2012. Each game of Labyrinth is an epic struggle in which remarkable characters use their powerful abilities, obtain magic artifacts and every time create a new, completely unique labyrinth, trying to attai..
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