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Prekės modelis: NOB7580
A recreation of the Final Challenge Chess Set as seen in the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer´s Stone. The 32 molded plastic chess pieces measures from 5 to 12 cm in height. The set comes complete with a playing board display measuring 47 x 47 cm...
Prekės modelis: NOB2421
The Noble Collection is very pleased to continue our new partnership with Universal City Studios LLC, by offering the latest in our retail packaged chess set range, the Jurassic Park chess set. An intricately detailed chess set including 32 finely sculpted PVC dinosaur pieces and a cardboard, brande..
Prekės modelis: NOB02172
The perfect addition to your ´Lord of the Rings´ chess board (nob2990)!Revitalize your collection with the new Two Towers chess pieces. They are in the same scale and style as the pieces that came with the board. 12 miniature sculptures portraying unforgettable characters from the second installment..
Prekės modelis: NOB2174
Detailed plastic chess pieces on a card board. Presented in a four colour box. Chess pieces measure 5 to 11 cm. Playing board is 47 x 47 cm...
Prekės modelis: NOB1525
The Noble Collection is very pleased to continue our new partnership with CBS Studios Inc, by offering the Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Set first seen in Star Trek: The Original Series of the 1960s.First aired on television in September 1966, the series created a devoted fan base that has grown i..
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